Grazing Trial Infrastructure established on Billa Kalina Spring

Location of Billa Kalina Spring

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Desert Jewels project, as referred to in the previous item, has also resulted in the establishment of fencing around a mound spring on Billa Kalina Station for the purpose of a grazing trial. DEWNR provided the fencing materials and Billa Kalina lessee Colin Greenfield has now completed the fencing work. In effect this will enable three grazing scenarios to be assessed:

  • Cattle will be permanently excluded from the spring vent and its immediate environs;
  • Another larger area including part of the spring tail is fenced but cattle will be allowed to graze this area from time to time;
  • Another section of the spring tail is outside of the fencing and thus will be permanently available for gazing by

During 2016, FOMS members Bren and Elizabeth Lay and Bernice Cohen collected vegetation data at the site and established photopoints prior to the fencing. In May 2017, FOMS members Bruce Gotch, Colin Harris and Simon Lewis inspected the completed fencing work and took the photographs included below.

It is expected that the actual grazing regimes to be applied within the trial area will be the subject of discussion between DEWNR and the pastoral lessee. FOMS may have some involvement in this and may assist with vegetation monitoring.

Section of spring tail to be periodically grazed
Protected spring pool
Indicative fence lay-out at Billa Kalina Spring: vent (small red enclosure) permanently protected; part of spring tail to be periodically grazed; part of tail outside of fence and open to grazing