FOMS Newsletter #23, September 2020

This newsletter edition features:

  • Arabana Rangers and Friends of Mound Springs work together for Springs Conservation
  • Levi Springs recover following fencing
  • FOMS visits Lake Frome Supergroup Springs
  • Endangered Plant Translocation provides Food for Thought
  • Horses causing problems at Lake Eyre Springs
  • Update on Burning Trials at Bopeechee and Beatrice Springs
  • Bore Wetlands Pose Dilemma
  • Decision needed regarding Tarlton Springs Fencing

FOMS Newsletter #21, November 2019

This newsletter edition features:

  • FOMS Volunteers Fence Levi Springs
  • Report on FOMS Working Bee, May 2019
  • Burn Trial Sites checked on Finniss Springs
  • Walking Trails in good shape at Strangways and the Peake
  • Bollards replaced at Peake Carpark
  • Vegetation monitoring provides a surprise or two
  • GAB Springs Management Planning and Stewardship Initiative
  • Life Membership for FOMS Stalwarts
  • Pastoral Act under the Spotlight
  • Water Allocation Plan under Review
  • GAB Strategic Management Plan nearing completion

FOMS Newsletter #19, September 2017

FOMS Newsletter Spring 2017 coverThis newsletter edition features:

  • FOMS’ efforts to repair walking trails at the Peake
  • An introductory trip for members making their first trip under the FOMS banner
  • Some high-tech advances by FOMS using a drone
  • The current situation re proposed fencing at Levi Springs
  • A spring grazing trial at Billa Kalina
  • Complications with the spring burning trial at Finniss Springs
  • Efforts by DEWNR to curtail cattle intrusion into Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park
  • FOMS meeting with the Marla Oodnadatta NRM Group
  • The new Arid Lands NRM Plan

FOMS Newsletter #17, May 2016

FOMS newsletter May 2016 coverThis newsletter edition features:

  • We celebrate 10 years of FOMS and welcome the new FOMS Patron, Lynn Brake.
  • We report on the imminent FOMS field trip to Dalhousie Springs to assist the Friends of The Simpson Parks (FOS) with their annual working bee.
  • We provide an update on DEWNR’s Desert Jewels project aimed at improved management of mound springs in SA.
  • We report on a new strategic management plan to be developed for the GAB.
  • We also report on a targeted FOMS work trip – in late July 2016 –to maintain and repair fencing around springs on several pastoral stations.

FOMS Newsletter #16, October 2015

Dr Rien Habermehl describes the fault-line at Finniss Springs
Dr Rien Habermehl describes the fault-line at Finniss Springs

This newsletter edition features: